Bloomington Homes For Sale

October 6, 2008

Like shopping? How would you like to live right next to one of the largest shopping malls in the world?  The Mall of America is most often associated with the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but it actually is located in the city of Bloomington, Minnesota. Bloomington is one of the premier suburbs of the Twin Cities and The Mall of America is just one of the great things it has to offer. There are dozens of Bloomington homes that put you front and center for all the great activities in Bloomington itself as well as putting you just minutes from other suburbs and the heart of downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  You might even be able to leave your car in Bloomington, too!  Just hop on the light rail and ride relaxed all the way to downtown Minneapolis and beyond; hundreds of restaurants, museums, sporting events, and attractions are available along the train route without having to worry about parking.  Bloomington leaves you at the doorstep of international destinations, too.  The Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport is actually closer to Bloomington (right across the highway from The Mall of America) than it is to Minneapolis.  From there you can catch planes to hundreds of domestic and international destinations.  Bloomington real estate is a great investment for all these reasons (plus more!) and now is a great time to thing about Bloomington. There are wonderful prices and a great selection of Bloomington Property which makes right now an exciting time to look.

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